Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Weekend

This year, 4th of July, ( My FaV Holiday) was celebrated quite differently. Normally we have a big party at our house every year but this year, my bubs was taking his last weekend of freedom before he becomes a daddy, and not wanting to be alone all weekend while I was majorly preggars, I stayed with the Jenkins/Tricky clan. They were in town for a family reunion and Susannah and Sarah graciously babysat me all weekend.

Below you see the sisters from Edwards Edition & Macon A Mess.

Unfortch, I am not too fun these days. I get really tired easily and have some Braxton Hicks issues if I go out and about for any length of time. The sisters solved this quandary by pushing me around in a wheelchair, which I will admit was GENIUS and I don't know why I have not ever thought of this before!
I also got to practice some of my baby skills on their 2 munchkins.
We call this one "duck" cause she has tons of waxy soft hair like little duck feathers on her head.
And here is my precious God- Daughter who has learned to walk. She enjoys walking, sipping things through straws, and nice strolls on the beach. She is not very fond of me now, but she will be soon as she is old enough to know my job is to let her break all her momma's rules! ha

Yesterday was like our super duper all American wholesome celebration at Rebe's country club. We had a carnival like food selection, fireworks, family and friends. It was crazy watching all those kids everywhere thinking next year I will be chasing one, and he will be MINE. woah. So I picked out this one little chap that I think Fenn would be like. I mean who knows what he will really be like but I'm thinking this cute kid who had long hair and was WILD AS HELL dancing all over the place, racing , wrestling etc.
See below: white tshirt, plaid shorts and crocks. :
and complete coincidence this was the same country club that uncle sean works at AND it was his birthday so we got see see him and jack last night! Happy Birthday Bug!!
FYI: Sean went straight from 1987 to 2010 this week because he bought AN IPHONE.

This is ma-jah news because he still drives one of those cars you stick your feet through the floorboard to power. He likes to keep it simple, but still seems to be really enjoying the iphone!


Brittany Ann said...

Awww! Glad you got to spend time with Sus! I say, milk that wheelchair time for all it's worth. Even not pregnant, I'm trying to figure out how to finagle that one with my husband as we speak!

And Sus, when you read this...nice skirt!;) Wonder where you got that from!

grizaham said...

Phun weekend all around!

sbugau said...

Haha. Yes. Simplicity has it's place...but iPhone is great!! Glad u had good times!!

And don't worry bout what Fenn will be like...just stretch your mommy-voice muscles!! Haha. That lil boy was cute wasn't he ; )

Beach Bum & Baby said...

Loving the wheelchair action! I will def be keeping that in mind!! You are looking fabulous!! And your god daughter is just TOO sweet!!! Love that little face!
I think it's awesome your hubs got away for one last weekend! Great idea!! :)
And girl, yes, I cannot tell you how much of a bump on a log I am most days. Sometimes I do great and act like a normal person... the other 75% of the time I am laying on my sofa watching tv! I'm always exhausted!!

Cary said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm.............I think maybe Fennmore Trickey Graham would be approbriate now!

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