Sunday, June 6, 2010


I have been counting down the days! June 7th Marks the beginning of Apple's WWDC ( world wide developer conference). I think everyone is expecting Steve Jobs to take the stage and announce the new iphone! You can read a list of predictions HERE.
If the iphone is exactly what was leaked a few months ago we can expect:
  • a faster processor based on the same Apple A4 chip that powers the iPad,
  • 802.11n wireless networking, a high-resolution screen,
  • a camera flash, and a front-facing video camera that hints at video-calling features.
  • a different design from its predecessors, with a flat back, aluminum bezel around the edge, and redesigned volume buttons.
I really also expect him to say that we will all be able to download the new Iphone OS 4 tomorrow. Maybe, maybe not but we shall see.
In order to take advantage of all that the new operating system has to offer, you will need an iphone 3Gs or newer. If any of you my fabulous readers are looking to purchase a used iphone, holla! Almost all of our family members own an iphone now, and many will be upgrading to the new iphones this summer and selling their older models.
If you wanna follow live updates from WWDC Annoucements you can CLICK HERE

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