Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wishful Wednesdays: I wish I Hadn't Lost....

Joining Kelsey from The Seattle Smith's blog to participate in Wishful Wednesdays:

'I wish' .... I hadn't lost ______!!
I wish I had not lost PICTURES! I have had a few electronic malfunctions in my life that led to losing important pictures, in particular when E and I first started dating back in 2004 we took a fun road trip to Savannah, GA, Tampa, FL, and Yulee , FL and some other small towns along the way. We saw Pearl Jam and Death Cab for Cutie in Kissimmee Fl and went to the Tampa Aquarium and messed up our pictures from that trip. I cant even remember how... but I really wish I had those back! 
From then on, we take computer and camera on all trips and each day, we transfer the pictures from that day onto the computer and usually Picasa too, that way if something gets deleted or stolen, the pictures will remain. 
This same thing happened again last year on my 30th Birthday trip to Vegas and the only reason we have any pictures at all from that trip was because I had uploaded some to picasa from the hotel .(thank goodness!)
So what do you guys wish you had now and never lost? Link up over at Seattle Smiths if you wanna play along!


Paul Burns said...

I use posterous to post to multiple networks for backup

grizaham said...

yeah i remember losing those pics... would be nice to see some of them!

Ann said...

losing pictures is the worst! i once thought i lost all of my summer camp pictures and i got so sad/mad, ha. at least we still have the memories.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Ohh that would just be tragic for me! I can only imagine myself having a breakdown, and I mean a BIG ONE!

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