Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend In Review Pictures Style:

It was a very busy weekend, and this very pregnant lady is just not as energetic as she once was. The Heat has started getting to me as well, which I thought I was gonna be able to bypass since I am cold natured anyway. Nay Nay. Anyway:

I bought a incredibly tacky collapsible thunderhouse from CVS for $10 in attempt to give my dog children a "safety" zone for the daily thunderstorms we have been getting. Neither of them were all that into it, but Erik has been working with them to show its OK. He lured Ralpy in by putting his "Girlfriend" in there, which is a leopard print dog bed that ralphie loves in special ways if you get my drift.

Saturday morning was a beautiful baby shower for CB at Merre Beulles in Brentwood!

We had a baby "sprinkle" Saturday night with The Keltons for The Sellers Family. It was a lot of fun and so fun to see their kids. Never pictured any of this when I was in college with all these people. I guess we really are grown ups now. Even neater, was that after leaving here Tammy went into labor and now they have a new SON , Harrison Daniel Sellers ( " Harry") 7lbs 5 oz 19 inches.
Sunday I spent all day, doing this:

Ralpy is one heck of a snuggle partner! I also got some good video footage of my baby dinosaur climbing up the walls of my belly and trying to bust out of there!


Susannah said...

That is such a cute doggle house! Maybe a little tacky....

Cool about the Sellers!!

Try to stay inside a lot - it is super hot and preggers don't handle it well! :D

Post the video of Fenny moving!!

Julie Bray said...

Awe! Fun with The Keltons!!!
This heat is out of control! Stay inside. I can't believe you are hot- didn't think it would effect you.

Cory Holder said...

This weekend rocked and now Nashville is hot hot hot for an entire week! :(

Annie said...

my little gussy needs a house like that!! ha! too cute!
sounds like you had a great weekend hun :)

p.s. adorable blog! new follower!

LG said...

Sus - I was in my unders in the video.. so maybe i will just email it to you! ha
Juliebrayball - I agree. I am shocked to be so HOT all the time now.
Annie! Welcome! If you blog too leave your blog address!

grizaham said...

Ralph is a cute little dog!!! Sometimes...... ;-)

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