Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pregnancy Update: Week 31

** I actually HATE this pose. It deserves to be made fun of, but was the only way I can show you my huge hump in that tent of a dress***
Week 32 starts tomorrow! Hip Hip Hooray for that!! Not sure how much more of this my rib cage can take! Below is a pregnancy survey I copied from some other blogs.
Total Weight Gained?: TBD Friday at my Doc appt but I am guessing 32 lbs.

Maternity Clothes: I am finally catching on to the idea of wearing regular clothes in bigger sizes. Its Much cheaper that way. I feel like i have bought a ton of clothes through out all of this but its changed seasons and I keep getting bigger! The dress I am wearing above came from ....wait for it..... WAL-MART and was $9. It's just a regular dress I bought bigger. It has some cute ruffle detailing you cant see in the pics and comes in several colors and is very comfy. I also picked up some great tie dye fashions in there!
Old Navy has some make shift items too, I got this:

Stretch Marks?: Still none yet. Please Lord let that continue to be the case. I stay greased up and hydrated 24-7.

Sleep?:.. yeah that is getting tricky. Some nights I sleep awesome and others hardly at all between the late night TT breaks and the uncomfortableness of moving and rolling over etc. I have discovered some things that make me more comfortable like using non fluffy pillows. I also have been wanting to nap everyday around 4pm for some reason.
Labor Signs: ha. Wouldn't really know what to expect there.
Best Moment of the Week?: Prob when I got a bite of a perfect snocone my bubs brought me the other day!
Movement? Oh yes! Def a child of his parents, he moves AL L the time. I have no idea what he is doing in there but I can tell you his party hour is between 8-9pm. He's gotten bigger and the movements much stronger and so its kind of alien-esque now.
Food Craving?: I think ( for me) pregnancy is all about being HUNGRY. Doesn't matter what. ha but this past week or 2 I have been wanting more fruit and salads. and SNOCONES. They are very important!

Food aversions: Not really into eggs these days.
Belly Button? non existent. All the way out and looks ridiculous underneath clothes. I tried to cover it up with a band-aid but I don't think they make band-aids big enough for that situation.
What I miss? Ha, we don't have time for that list! I would like to be able to bend over for things like cleaning, painting my toenails, putting on lotion and also just being able to sit on the couch without all the rib cage pain.

What I'm looking forward to: Anyone who knows me knows that all baby, and anything else is temporarily on hold till the new Iphone is released! Cant WAIT
Milestones: Every Wed completes another week and that is a big deal to me! We are closing in now only about 9 more weeks left!


grizaham said...

Looking good babe!
I'm not happy with my picture quality! ;-)

Angie Lane said...

You look awesome Laura! Beautiful! I love how you broke everything down! too too cute! ha! Made me laugh! Enjoy every second of it, even all the uncomfortableness (wow don't think that's a word but...) I miss being pregnant! Crazy right? It's amazing when you look back at how fast this time passes! Love your cute little dresses!

Susannah said...

I am so so so happy for you and Erik. Just looking at these pictures and reading your responses makes me so excited for you both-to know what is about to come for both of you. YOu are going to be so in love with him. I cannot wait! You look beautiful-really glowing! You are so close!

AP said...

Looking fierce, LG! So excited that it's almost time for little Fenn to be here! Keep reminding him that he has a tight schedule to keep with his arrival!

Julie Bray said...

cute cute cute! Perfect prego girl! I still wear regular clothes too. Helps that trends are empire-waist and baggy waisted when you're pregnant, don't have to buy so much maternity stuff. But, makes me wonder if I looked pregnant when I wore that stuff pre-pregnancy.....

Enneis said...

Laura...you look fantastic and are going to have a "big" Griza baby!!!It will get even more "alienist" as the date gets closer! So excited for you two...love..Enneis

Melissa and Cas said...

I love that dress! I have a bunch of cotton dresses for the summer and I love ruffles I will have to scout one of these out! You look so cute!

Courtney said...

you look great laura! it won't be long now....aunt coco will definitely have to come visit in august so i can snuggle with fenn and walker!!

AndreaLeigh said...

You look beautiful! I'm jealous! At this point I was just one big blob of fluid.

Labor signs - just wait until you loose your mucus plug. Be sure to show it to E because he deserves to be freaked out by the nastiness as well. :)

Beth said...

You look awesome!! Also I think it's adorable that of the two posts I've commented on your husband has commented on them both as well. What a cutie!!

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