Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Must Have for All Homeowners

Have you guys ever seen this stuff? It is double sided rug tape. I bought some ages ago in , I think Target and since then have not been able to find it ANYWHERE. Drives me nuts. I use it to hold our area rugs /runners in place and without it I am constantly having to straighten them ( about 40 times a day) b.c my pups race and move them. That is increasingly harder to do as I can't really bend over anymore!
It works for a long time, unless you move your rugs, which I do when I am sweeping or washing them. It keeps things looking neat when your area rugs are all straight. It also makes vacuuming easier because they don't get sucked up in the vacuum when they are taped down.
Anyway, I say all of that to say I have finally resorted to ordering in online and found it at
If you have this same issue, I highly recommend this tape. I have tried other ones and they didn't work out.

FYI: Product Code Info 587327


grizaham said...

now only if it would work longer! ;-)

Cas said...

why have we never thought of this? We have several rugs that our little ones launch all over the house when they run. Does it leave any residue on hardwood floors?

Anonymous said...

I just bought some in Kmart up on Gallatin.

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