Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Little Bro Turns 13!

Saturday was "Little Bro" ( Our nephew Stevie's ) 13th Birthday. We had a small family gathering over at the Brentwood house where Shauna had written a cute little scavenger hunt for him to hunt down his birthday present! Afterward we opened presents, had pizza and an ice cream cake!
It is crazy how much he has grown, and how teen-agey he has become. He was very shy about being the center of attention which is such a Graham man trait!

On the scavenger hunt:
2 little peeps who were not allowed to participate in the scavenger hunt, eagerly watching from the door.
The big prize! a new Bike! He also got some itunes gift cards, Air Pellets, Clothes, Bike helmet and skater shoes.
I spent a little time with him on Sunday as well and gave him a haircut and went to the skate shop. I am proud to say, as teenager-ish as he has become, he still thinks I have good taste and am cool!

Also Boppie and Ralpy got to meet cousin Chloe and I was very interested in how they would behave around a baby for obvious reasons and they really liked her. They would kind of sit and stare at her close up, lick her toes and then walk off. Chloe was as cool as a cucumber the whole time, no matter if they were licking or barking or what. She is one happy little baby!


Cory Holder said...

Happy Birthday Stevie! :)

grizaham said...

Money party! ;-)
I enjoyed the pizza and the helmet

Julie Bray said...

What is on Erik's head?
Happy Birthday Stevie!

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