Thursday, June 3, 2010

Iphone App Review: iPregnancy

In my experience, iPregnancy is the most comprehensive iphone app out there for the pregnant lady or new parents. They just released a really nice update to it last week that made it 10 times better than it already was. Below are some screen shots to sort of give you an idea of how it all works. You can change pretty much every little setting, like backdrops, gender specifics or gender neutral etc. It tracks every tiny detail of your pregnancy as well as giving you weekly info specific to mother, baby and even the daddy!

The home screen is your progress or countdown info. You can view in days or weeks.

Love the percentages.

You can add in email addresses of the people you want to share your doctor information with and just hit a button to send stuff which is really cool I think. You also have facebook and twitter options.

Usage Stats: You can see I def have gotten my money's worth! 27 hours! Whew!
This is the list mode of all doctors appts. You can track what each appt is for ( labs, checkup, ultrasound etc ) as well as log a picture of your own belly next to it and your mood.
Weekly Information for Mom, Baby, & Daddy:
Summary of Doc visits and... ( *Gulp*) massive weight gain.
More Areas to explore like cruising through lists of names you like, recording questions for your doc, Doctor contact info etc.
Weekly pictures that come in drawing, 2d, 3D, & 4D
There are approx one bazillion apps in the app store for pregnancy but this one , IMO is the best bang for your buck. My only advice is to really explore all of the options of this app early on, because I didn't notice some until later and regret not having recorded all of that information.


Cary said...

As much as you like the iphone apps, I bet you are having a blast with this one!!

Greg said...

I am the author of iPregnancy. I have put my heart and soul into this program and I'd just like to comment that reading a nice review like this and seeing how much you use it makes my whole day!

Best of luck with your little one! If you can write a review like this on the app store id be indebted!

Dr. Moore

grizaham said...

Nice review!
Glad it has helped you so much!

Cory Holder said...

Totally agree LG...this is the best app out there. Dr. Moore...great job! It's been my go to app for doctor's appointments and keeping up with questions to ask the doctor. Hoping we can find an app that we love just as much with the next phase!

Susannah said...

I had/used this one too and loved it! I obvi didn't have this new one, but the older model was nice too! I logged a lot of hours on here!

Andi said...

Does this app have a kick counter?

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