Saturday, June 26, 2010

Iphone 4: My Review

So we've had a few days with the iphone 4 and maybe you wanna hear what we are thinking. (If not, skip this post :)
A lot of people that were in line the other day, kept saying how stupid we were to wait in line for a phone. I said, speak for yourselves there. I am no dummy! I knew what it would be like, anticipated and planned for it, and had already seen the phone so i knew it was worth it ( for me personally). Iphones are a big deal in Grizaland and I am perfectly content that I spent 13 hours securing the fact that we would both have the same fun new toy!
That being said, I will give you all a small casual review and some links to great professional reviews if you are interested.

The Highlights (for me):
    • This is the best phone they have made since the original. There were alot of changes, and really nice ones. 
    • The biggest and best changes IMO are the beautiful screen display, and the new camera quality/functions.
    • the ability to video chat. This is a cool feature, not sure how often I will actually use it but I like the option!
    The Camera:
    Now some dummy on Yahoo wrote a really uneducated article about the camera. He had not even seen the phone yet but was explaining why the camera was bunk.  You just have to remember that the bigger the megapixel does not always equal the better the photo quality.
    you can CLICK HERE for a detailed and professional camera review. It comes with photo and video comparisons. Or you can look below at the difference in photos from the 3gs camera to the new iphone 4 camera. Sorry I was too tired to get creative so its just a lame shot I took while laying in bed!
    The Screen:
    I am sure you have already heard about the screen quality and all the fancy terminology and science behind it. I will just say this, I have never been one to notice such things, HD TV means nothing to me, but this screen is beautiful and crisp, especially when reading text. I cant believe I am even saying that! Below is a screen shot of the 3Gs vs iphone4:

    I read somewhere that 77% of people who bought the new iphone the other day were upgrading. If that is something you are considering then check out the chart below to compare the 3Gs and Iphone 4:

    I cant really speak to the battery life part yet. In my experience, all iphones have relatively low battery life since you are doing so much more with them, than your average phone. I also think they start out with a strong battery and over time, it gets weaker and weaker so say this time next year it wont be holding that "7 hour" (talk time) battery life . Thank goodness for Mophie.
    I also cant talk about the " Bumper" case that apple put out this year as they were all sold out. I notice on ebay people are scalping them! Crazyness. I have heard a lot of rumours about how the bumpers help with reception. I guess we shall see about that. I ordered some from during the pre-sale but they are late arriving....
    Did anyone else upgrade? Have any comments or thoughts?


    grizaham said...

    The new phone is great! Keep up the great work Steve! ;-)

    Anonymous said...

    have you downloaded a movie yet? Holy cow the HD is better than my television!

    I gave up on the bumper and because I'm paranoid of dropping it (as well I should be)... I hot a case from AT&T called The Fringe. Acts just like the Bumper but it's not rubber... more like a hard plastic, but durable. Got better reception immediately. $29.99 just like the Bumper.

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