Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Iphone 4 Launch and Sweet Victory!!

If you follow me on twitter, or know me at all, then you know the last 2 days have been iphone obsessed. I was able to get in a preorder for one that was delivered via Fed-Ex  yesterday and held out on pre-order #2 hoping to get a white one on launch day for myself. No dice. White ones are delayed till likely August and I cant wait that long! So to the line I went! I arrived at 6:25 am and was there until 7:30 pm.. that's right! 13 HOURS of waiting.

Since this wasn't my first Rodeo, I came prepared. I dressed comfortably, brought a tailgate chair and a backpack full of snacks, water and reading material. That lasted me for about 6 hours. Same with my iphone battery life! Luckily, CB and Jasmine loved me enough to come and give me a potty break and snack and drink and company.  I also made lots of friends in line :

We had a chef, a car salesman, a counselor, a doctor, a song writer etc. It was a fun bunch. I had one guy who arrived very foul and complained and coughed on me (without ever covering his $%#@ mouth) for about 2 hours before he bailed. I was glad to see him go! Then I had one guy, who was stupid brave enough to try and cut line on me. I gave him one polite warning and then told him he needed to back on up and get in his designated spot, stat. He did work my nerves though, always trying to creep up in any open 12 " he could find.
Who DOES that?
But after sweating in line for 12 hours I finally made it to the gates ( swole up like a balloon), just in time for them to announce only 13 more phones left! When I finally got in I got the last 32Gig and was thrilled! I also received many high-fives and kudos for the intense dedication of being 8.25 months pregnant and in line all day
 and once inside, I was buying my bubs iphone right next to Titan's player Courtland Finnegan. He was SUPER nice and we got out pic together! He was excited about the baby bump too.  I saw him in line 2 years ago as well.  He was my 2nd person to see in line again this year. ( I also saw the guy with the crazy toe nails from the 3G launch in line again this year).
So Fenn was a trooper today, and also did a great bit of showing out while in line. He had a fantastic first lesson in obsession perseverance from his Momma.
I came straight home afterward and took a COLD shower since I was sticky with sweat and am managed to stay awake long enough to get this blog out!
Tomorrow comes the review with pics and all!
Good Day!


Melissa and Cas said...

Girl that is dedication. I don't think I have ever stood in a line that long. For that wait this phone should be able to change diapers and feed this baby! Ha! Hope it is all you ever dreamed of! We need some pictures of how the baby room has come along! Hope you are doing great!

Anonymous said...

loved loved loved hangin' with you for 12 hours. We need to brave The Family Wash soon. Hope you're recovering from the day!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

My best friend took the plunge and waited in Dallas ...... ROUGH!!!! But nothing like 13 hours. Wow. Are you SERIOUS??

grizaham said...

Bubs! You rock. Great story!
The iPhone is great.

Chad Grout said...

Best post ever! It's got everything in it! Mentions Twitter, Fed-Ex, dice, the rodeo, tailgating tips and tricks, dealing with a line cutter, hanging with a TN Titan, teaching your baby some good values, and ends with getting a new iPhone! Sweet.

Courtney said...

you are one tough cookie and i tip my hat to you! love you!!!

Sheila said...

Total dedication and YOU ARE a trooper!!! Enjoy your new iphone - while I sit back and be jealous!

Cory Holder said...

One day Fenn will want tickets to something or a toy REALLY bad and it will require such a line will be ready and so will he! Congrats on your conquest of the iPhone line! I was happy to see you were around good peeps also, makes the time fly by with good company!

Mississippi Candice said...

You are crazy obsessed! LOVE IT!!!

M. Congleton said...

You crack me up! I can not believe you waited in line for 13 hours while being 8.25 pregnant!!!!

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