Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day everyone! This being my bubs FIRST fathers day ( or sort of) Ralpy, Floppy and I all went in together to get him a special gift, that I thought he would LOVE and really enjoy, however, after seeing this video and his reaction I am thinking he would have been more excited about a shovel. hmmph.

Happy Father's Day 2010 from Laura Graham on Vimeo.
He listens to music every single second he is awake and not at work, so I thought this was like a super idea! dang! 


grizaham said...

Haha.. I really enjoy that Music thingy Laura! Thanks a ton!

Beth said...

Hey Laura,
Stopping by after reading your comment on my blog today :). This is my second pregnancy so I know alllll about the crazy, but I feel like last time my husband was the only recipeint during my 1st trimester. Hahah. Anyway, good luck here at the end. I know it's hard but trust me it is totally worth it!!! Make sure to stop by next month, I'm going to be hosting a bunch of reviews and giveaways in honor of my sons first birthday!

Cory Holder said...

The Bose Ipod dock is One of the greatest inventions known to man. I am on my second one and could not live without it. Rock it out with that thing! :)

Cas said...

I'm pretty jealous! Happy (sort of) Father's day you guys.

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