Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Griza Garden & Yard Update

Here is an update on the Griza Garden and Yard. Bubs has been slaving and sweating out there alot lately. The Lillies are now in full bloom. They started a week earlier this year, blooming in May. I have REALLY enjoyed having them all around the house, and giving them to friends and neighbors. One of my neighbors even has her own plants now, thanks to bubs digging up some bulbs this spring.

Close up shot. They really make a statement because there are SO.MANY.BLOOMS.
And Thanks to all those who gave me beautiful crystal vases for wedding gifts. I use them all the time and they are great with Lillies due to the weight of the arrangement. They live a long time in vases too. I have some inside now that are going on 8 days !
(need to get out my bigger vase)
My mom has a hydrangea garden that would bring you to tears. They are amazing! This is the first year I have broken down and bought some hydrangeas ( 3 from Bates Nursery Thanks to GROUPON)! They are gorgeous! Fresh flowers all over the house bring me great joy! The fact they are free is an added bonus!
Herb Garden still doing really well. I need to add a mint plant and cilantro .
Side Garden : Tomatoes/kale/garlic/strawberries/cantaloupe/okra/cabbage/onions
I took this pictures last week and I feel like everything has grown a FOOT since then.


grizaham said...

growing stuff is sweeeet

auhays said...

Great work, guys! The yard looks fantastic. Erik will be referred to as Green Giant from here on out!

Mississippi Candice said...

OMG! LOVE THE LILIES!! That's it, I'm growing some ASAP! You have motivated me!

The Skippers said...

The yard and house look amazing! Quite the green thumb there. Love fresh flowers! Doesn't it just brighten you up when you walk through the door!

Cory Holder said...

Crystal vases = awesome. Great work Erik! You are a master gardener! Now let's eat some of those tomatoes soon, yum!

Julie Bray said...

looking good!!! Wish I had a beautiful garden like your's!

We have some wild hydrangea in our back yard. Didn't really know there was a wild variety.

Susannah said...

How beautiful! I would stop off in your yard and have a flower pickin' fest if I lived nearby!

Sidenote-just saw Fenn's "counter" at the top-holy smokes batman, only 65 more days till he's here!!!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I am SOO jealous of your gorgeous house, garden, and more. Talk about a well taken care of lawn ... Can I be your neighbor or better yet you take care of my property!!

Ashley said...

Those lilies look awesome. I actually bought some of those last week for my backyard. Hopefully, I will have the success you have had with them.

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