Friday, June 18, 2010

Cool DIY Beach Towels

You may or may not remember me posting about these towels from Lillian Vernon $30 back in 2007. I ordered one for each family member before our annual Cabo trip and had them monogrammed with our nicknames. Well 2 problems with that now: 
one is they are very thin,too short and skinny for most chairs, 
and the other is that back in '07 Erik called me "Princess" which is what my towel says! 
Kind of embarrassing now to get out of the pool big as a whale and go back to a chair calling me Princess. ha 
But there is alot to be said for a towel that hangs over the back of the chair and stays put rather than trying to hang a towel over the back etc.
This year I have been lusting after these towels I saw in the Pottery Barn Outdoors Magazine ($55)

and then yesterday I decided to attempt sewing my own version. My issue with sewing, besides the fact that I can absolutely not make straight edges of any kind, is that I take such long breaks in between sewing that I forgot how to adjust my tension knobs and what not.
Anyways, I spent about $10 on some soft fleece type fabric at JoAnne's ( I had a 40% off coupon) and I used one of my old vintage sheets ( that I obsessively collect) to make it reversible. Not bad for a first draft. I should have been more generous with the fabric as you will see in the pictures. I also should have used some of that fabric fuser stuff.
My towel model Ralpy. Anytime I spread fabric out, he thinks its for him.
The Sheet Side:
Up close of print:
 The slip cover to go over the back:
 And then, when I put this pics up to blog about I realized how sloppy this looked, and thought I have to do better. so Here is try #2.  I bought 2 regular beach towels ( from target) instead of fabric ($12) and took literally 5 minutes to make. Now if ONLY I could monogram!
Isn't that better? I made this one for a friend! I think Striped beach towels are THE best. But they are super hard to find! Ya'll seen any cute striped towels anywhere this year? My neighbor got a super cute Peace Sign Beach towel at Sam's Club!


The Skippers said...

Great idea! I am totally trying that.

grizaham said...

Long towels are great.. Great work.

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