Friday, June 25, 2010

33 Week Update!

Screenshot of my ipregnancy app showing my progress for today (it spells "Fenn" wrong). I love Wednesdays now just because I know that completes another week! Hooray for that!
Next Tuesday I will get an ultrasound to see just how big my little dinosaur is in there, b.c he feels gargantuan.
  • I have just recently reached the point where I am big enough it causes a stir when I go out in public. Everyone asking a lot of questions about how far I am, what is it, etc. Kind of intriguing. People show a lot of sympathy for me over this heat, and I have realized that older ladies especially are real sympathetic which I appreciate. 
  • I have always been cold natured, and didn't think this heat would hurt me like everyone assured me it would. Well they were RIGHT. It makes me SO hot that I cant cool down for like 8 hours after going outside. I cant sleep with covers ( when I am actually sleeping) I do not want to eat anything hot, even the idea of it is disturbing.
  • I cant really walk normal anymore. Very much a waddle and the bottom of my belly touches the top of my legs when I sit, which is So weird!  I noticed at the grocery store yesterday an older gentlemen walking ahead of me and we were going the same speed, with the same limp.
  • My legs hurt where they connect to my torso. Unsure about why, maybe my top half got too heavy for them to carry, or maybe my hips and all that are spreading out. Either way, quite uncomfortable, and kind of sends shocking pains when i stand up after sitting for a while.
  • My dude still moves ALL the time. He enjoys a good sleep midday , but early in the morning when I first wake up and from about 8-10 pm he is partying in there. I never get tired of watching that because it is so surreal. Erik however, is probably a little over  me telling him to look or feel. 

I think that is all the changes to report. That and I have probably doubled my weight since last update. ha Oh well. Honestly, I don't even care anymore. I will deal with that after the fact.  All in all, as much as I complain ( and I do, because pregnancy is hard yo) but I have had it much easier than some peeps and I am thankful for that. I am also amazed that it's almost time to be done! Amazed and Thankful.
I firmly believe, despite what anyone tries to tell me, that he will be here between July 21- August 5th.  My doctor laughs at me and says that is wishful thinking, but i'm serious. He is out of room in there and has been trying to punch his way out for weeks!  Plus I had a dream about it. Remember how I was convinced he was a BOY, well its like that. We shall see who is right when its all said and done! ha
Hope you are all following me on twitter b.c if I can physically handle it I will be twittering updates from the delivery room! ha


Natasha said...

oh you poor thing.. just think, fenn will be here VERY soon and all this pain and uncomfortableness will be worth it!!!

Cory Holder said...

My hips feel like Shakira after a World tour...can't wait to have my body back! My waddle is out of control, we both look like pregnant ducks! Walker will be waiting to give Fenn a big high five when he gets to the finish just keep waddling! ;)

Elizabeth said...

the pain sounds like sciatic nerve....I had that with Sully. You can find some stretches online that will help with it! loved the update!! belly Pic???

AP said...

Fenn is SO close to being here!! Yay!! I cannot wait to meet that precious, fierce moving, little boy!
P.S. Cory's comment about Shakira is probably the most hilarious thing I've ever heard and so true!

Susannah said...

Dude, you can do it! I can't believe he is almost here! Yay Fenny! And trust me, I know how bad it sucks being pregnant through the summer-but you will forget all that shit immediately after getting home with him! :D

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