Sunday, May 30, 2010

This Weekend I Jailbroke My Iphone 3Gs

In preparation of selling some older model iphones that belong to my family members I started practicing erasing data, restoring and jailbraking this weekend. After realizing that it has become SO.MUCH.EASIER. than it once was, I jailbroke my own 3Gs iphone and it was a piece of cake!
I am gonna show pictures so that there is no misconception.
did not take away anything I had to start with, it simply added an extra app store, one that is not policed by apple so I have a little freedom there.
I can still sync with Itunes and do everything that I always have.
Click here for easy step by step tutorial on jailbreaking (scroll down to may 6 and read there)

The main functions I gained from Jailbreaking were :

  • The ability to add more options for ringtones on Text messages. This has been driving me crazy for quite some time.
  • The ability to tether my iphone to my ipad, which means get the 3G service on the ipad without paying additional fees or owning the 3G model of the ipad. Click here for Tutorial
  • Creating folders ( which apple will release next month). You can see a screen shot of that below. I have 2 folders in that pic, one for games and one for travel apps. Great way to stay organized and navigate your phone easily.

a look at inside the travel apps folder:

  • Having 5 Dock Icons (instead of 4) Here I have 5 red arrows pointing out having items in dock rather than 4:
** Feel free to comment with questions but make sure your gmail commenter name is linked to your email address so that I can respond!**

1 comment:

Caro said...

Am in the process of doing it now. How long does the jailbreaking take (ie the part with the "dr. who screen w/ the scroll bar" that by the way doesn't look like it is scrolling)?

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