Monday, May 3, 2010

Random Tidbits:

Grizas are back from the BabyMoon birthday trip and I will do a blog on that later. It has been a rather eventful week with the Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico & then the flooding of Nashville while we were gone. Nashville is starting to look a little Katrina-ish in some areas. We were lucky to escape any damage in our East Nash home, but Julie has experienced some flooding in the Brentwood Basement.

You can see pictures of the flood HERE & HERE, . It is really unbelievable. Our prayers are with all those affected. LP Field is now under about 4 ft. of water.

This week begins week 27 of Pregnancy for me. I have my sugar test tomorrow so cross your fingers. 3rd Trimester is right around the corner and I will be glad to see it. I have probably gained at least 30 lbs by now...

I have been reading the book "BabyWise" this week , and so far it is my fav. book on baby stuff that I have read. It all seems very logical and practical and do-able. We shall see if I can carry it out in real life. My partner in Babywise philosophy, Sarah from "Macon a Mess" and i were just texting about it last night and then she went into labor! Her daughter Scarlett was born this morning! Hooray for her!
Any of you parents out there have feedback on babywise? I would love some detailed feedback.

Hopefully this week I will get caught up and shed the hormone funk and be back to blogging! Stay tuned! Feel free to post links to other pictures of flood!


grizaham said...

Congrats on getting closer to the 3rd trimester! Hooray!
BabyWise sounds like a good book. I shall read soon.

ml said...

Ok, my Babywise opinion is long, but I will tell you what worked and didn't work for me.
It all sounds really great and easy and wonderful until you actually put it into practice. It is SO hard to let your baby cry. I started it when MA was 2 weeks old. The first day I did it, it worked beautifully. The second day, I did the exact same things, and MA would NOT go to sleep. She cried through every.single.naptime. It was horrible and that night it took us 3 hours to get her to sleep because she was so overtired. I think she was too young at that point to soothe herself to sleep, and it kind of made me crazy.
I will say that from the time I started, I stuck to the feeding schedule as closely as I could. If I didn't she would snack on me and not take full feedings when it was time. The sleeping schedule did not always work out (sometimes she had naptime before waketime and so on) but I had to let her do that, otherwise she would get overtired and not nap at all, and on the nights she didn't nap, she had a really hard time going to sleep. I think you just have to take what you can from the book and modify it to work for you.
When she got a few weeks older, she started following the sleep, feed, wake schedule on her own. Then when she was about 5-6 months old and big enough to not need the night feedings, we had to start letting her cry it out when she would wake up for her night feeding. It worked. It took 3 nights, and it was awful, but it worked. (FYI for some reason everything took 3 nights, giving up the swaddle, the paci, etc.) I think when you say you let your baby "cry it out," some people think that you just lay there and sleep while they cry, and that is SO NOT what happens. Hays and I would sit in the bed and stare at her on the monitor until she fell back to sleep, and even then after she was sound asleep I would find myself going in there to make sure she was ok. It is really hard, but it is the best thing for them to learn to be good sleepers on their own. Now MA sleeps 12 hours a night, goes to bed easily and wakes up happy and talking!

Anonymous said...

I read this book and stuck to it with my first son. I didn't start the program until he was 5 weeks old and I was so tired all I could do was sit rocking him, nursing him, and crying. It was a little hard to get started. For example. If my little guy was up at 4:30 a.m. and was fed, then I wanted to start my day at 6:00, I had to force myself to get back up at 6:00 and try to get him to eat again and keep him awake. And, as previously stated by someone else, listening to your baby cry is like being tortured. It's so hard! BUT, getting my son and myself on a schedule saved me.. and I am not kidding. He was sleeping through the night by 15 weeks, kept to a very regular schedule, went down for naps with no problems, and was a seriously happy baby and child. With my second, whole different story. this kid marched to a different drum from the get go. He came home from the hospital and got sick, had colic, and I had extreme difficulty knowing his cries. He was very hard to get on a schedule but I did it as best I could. I still have one super easy guy now age 10, and the other very difficult guy almost 8. I think it's a great thing to do... this schedule thing, and stick with it as best you can. But know that you may have to make some adjustments along the way. It's so great knowing YOU are the one in control of things and you can somewhat predict what will be happening next so you can go on about your life instead of always being at he mercy of a baby dictating EVERYTHING.

LAG said...

I read everything I could get my hands on with the first child. Someone recommended the Baby Whisperer and I liked it much better than Baby Wise. As for the crying, just let them cry it out. It is ok to turn off the monitor or step outside for awhile for your sanity.

Anonymous said...

I did a modified babywise with all three of my girls (4, 3, and 1). I didn't worry as much about the daytime schedule or even naptime. I am not a scheduled kind of girl and I knew if I made myself stay home or miss out on something fun because it was naptime I would be nuts! I did stick to the bedtime routine. With each kiddo I started a little earlier and it was a little easier. All of my girls were sleeping through the night by between 16-20 and have ever since. They typically go to bed at 8:00 and get up (when I wake them to take big sis to school) at 7:00. My youngest also takes about a 21/2-3 hour nap each afternoon. I think it is definitely good, practical advice to use as a guide but be prepared to abandon it and do what works for y'all!

auhays said...

I will second what ML said (after all, we have the same baby!). We felt like we were doing something wrong, but it comes down to the fact that each baby is different, and no book will be perfect. My advice is to take what you feel are "best practices" based on what seems to work for Fennsters AND you and Erik and run with it. We did learn alot from Babywise, but certainly didn't go straight by the book (after a week of realizing we weren't failures). Ha!

Cory Holder said...

Love these reviews! I got the same advice from my friend Anna...some of it works and some of it doesn't. Every baby is different! Good stuff! :)

LG said...

i absolutely LOVE all this detailed feedback! More more more!!

AndreaLeigh said...

definitely take what you can from it and go from there. I haven't read it yet (its on my list) but I do use the principles.

i think people who don't like babywise forget that we aren't idiots. a lot of people hate it b/c they say it can cause malnutrition. of course it could... if you followed it to the letter. but none of us are going to let our babies go hungry or starve them if they want to eat.

i will say i think it is impossible to get them on a schedule until they are older. the first 6 weeks are all about them as it should be. when they are born their tummies can hold about 2oz, so of course they are hungry all the time.

i started to notice cooper falling into a routine about 10 weeks. he had colic though so hopefully fenn will not!

i adore swaddling - i swear it is why cooper sleeps as well and as long as he does. we're still using it at almost 4 months. i'll let it go once he starts to let me know he doesn't like it anymore.

cooper's an easy baby - when he's home. he doesn't sleep hardly any at daycare b/c it is bright and loud. when he's home with me, he wakes around 8, naps from 10:00-12:30 (or somewhere in that range), naps again from about 2:30-4:30, and sometimes he will even take another little nap before bed. we start the bedtime routine around 7. bath, lotion and massage, read books or sing, bottle if he needs one, swaddle then bed. 5 minutes later he's out like a light.

fenn will give you cues - like cooper's sign he is hungry is sucking on his hands. he's tired when he starts thrashing his head back and forth or rubbing his face into my chest.

definitely get the happiest baby on the block DVD! i rented it from netflix. changed my world!

Marianne said...

Hi Laura,

I tried Babywise with Anne and it didn't work. She ALWAYS fell asleep either while or after I was feeding her. I really liked Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. It tells you what sort of sleep patterns you can expect from the baby at all different ages. Hope you are feeling well!


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