Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Never Take your Hubs to Babies R Us!

We ventured out to BRU today since the bubs was off. I wanted him to be present for these baby purchases so he would see how much baby stuff cost! We were so blessed by family and friends that we already have almost everything we need! Just a few basic essentials (monitor , diapers, wipes etc) He was not very helpful and basically is of the mindset that the baby will just show up with all his own accessories straight from the womb. Since we all know that is not true, I persevered and explained every.single.purchase.
One of our biggest discussions on baby gear these past few months was the stroller. I know how mobile our life style is and have researched for months how to incorporate the booboo to that. Erik took a minute to look at the price tag of my research and decided that an umbrella stroller was the best way to go. Here is he below with his pick. He texted a picture of it to lots of ladies and they all responded telling him he was crazy!

The stroller I picked out is so popular its on back order times 12. My local guy finally got one in and we bought it today! So excited! You can click here to read my post about why this was the stroller for us. I can assure you that I was very thorough in my research. I even taught all the sales men about it and demonstrated its features for them, which seemed to amuse them.

When we got it home we did a little real life demo. Is this not the cutest thing you have EVER seen? My dog children enjoy being pushed, carried etc. Ralphie loves my baby sling too. When Fenn gets here we can just put both doggles into the bottom basket!


grizaham said...

Those are some pretty cool dogs. And a cool stroller I guess.

AndreaLeigh said...

That makes me laugh, because I know exactly where you are coming from. Jason couldn't have been any less interested, until Cooper arrived. Then he was all up in my grill about what C needed. He now knows the exact layout of BRU. Crazy!

Love the stroller! Our "big boy" stroller is the Baby Jogger city mini. I like it but he's still too little for the straps so we really can't use it yet. We're still using the travel system and I have a baby jogger as well.

Do you have a Sam's membership? They sell huge packs of Kirkland wipes (that's what we use) and Pampers diapers. Pampers are still my favorites, but I love Target brand and Huggies as well. Huggies wipes are the best but they're the most expensive.

You should be getting a package from me today! Can't wait to hear what you think.

Tonya and Starr said...

that last picture is hilarious!!!

Courtney said...

BAHAHA!! this post just cracked me up!

Shay said...

hahahaha! I'm dying laughing at that pic of the dogs. So cute!

Courtney said...

Awesome stroller guys!

Yeah, whenever baby Taylors appear, T$ will NOT be invited to BRU. I've heard too many stories about how this usually doesn't go well. My friend Mar said her hub bought had a panic attack in the bottle aisle alone.

Good job Erik for going with LG's advice in the end. :)

Susannah said...

No doubt! I know that you know how cheap Jason is, and I had to literally explain every dime to him! He will come around once Fenny is born! I had so much freaking fun this weekend and I am so glad that you got so much stuff! Are you getting a video monitor? Very handy so you don't have to get up. Also, Sam's/Costco/another wholesale store is a great place for diapers and wipes. We get Pampers diapers (198) for 40$ there and you can get like 6 packs of refillable wipes for like 10 or 11$. Boom! Just NEVER buy dipes/wipes at Publix or other grocery stores-RIP OFF!

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