Sunday, May 9, 2010

Marital Lessons from Eddie Vedder

I can remember before getting married, my dad telling me how having things in common with your spouse is like money in the bank, and differences are like debt. You always wanna have more in the bank than you do debt. Great advice. Thanks pops!
Erik and I have some really strange things in common, like our love of hoarding collecting, and love of music, as well as some interesting differences(he is shy in a lot of ways and I am not), most of which compliment each other nicely.
All was smooth sailing before this pregnancy because it was easy to do all of our normal activities together. Now, the wifey has been benched and quite honestly I am not finding that too much fun. I am even starting to get a little jealous of how my life has been drastically slowed down for the past 7 months and bubs is still the same, except for handling a few of my hormonal outbursts.
Ya'll know how we love some concerts, and I have been sitting most of them out, but in an effort to try and be more positive and have some fun, with my husband, like old times , I went to the Pearl Jam Concert in the Indiana amphitheatre this weekend.. Gotta keep those things we have in common, in the bank!
Well I hope you know, it was a NIGHTMARE. Below you can see SOME of the crowd that was there. We went with the Holders and when we got to the arena the boys split from the girls to go to to the ticket box, and it did not occur to us that with 20K other people trying to call and text that we would not be able to find one another again. Add to that the POURING DOWN RAIN STORM, that soaked CB and I going in to the arena,the freezing cold temp, and the awesome pregnancy nosebleed I got in line and you've got yourself a real good time.

Below is how I spent pretty much the entire concert, when I wasn't in line for the bathroom: Pouting in the wet grass. Behind us was some drunken idiot who screamed obscenities for 30 minutes solid before the show, at the top of his lungs. It occured to me at this moment, that the reason God made me a girl was to spare people like him from a beat down, because I really wanted to give him one.
In front of us was a group of ... ....challenged adults, who were cute in that they were having the time of their life but they also had no understanding of personal space, or trying to cling to strangers or dance with me all night.

All in all, I would say that a pregnant lady has no business at that type of concert. Its too much work to guard the belly and be comfortable, not to mention trying to have fun!


ml said...

Oooh. Sorry you didn't have fun. Don't worry, it won't be long before you will have sweet Fenn out in the world and you will have nice babysitters that will let you go enjoy fun times with the hubs! Also, in a few months you will be able to sleep any way you want and be able to curl up into the fetal position again. That was my FAVORITE part of not being pregnant.

Cory Holder said...

I look like a fat rain smurf! Ha ha!!! Yeah, no more rainy concerts with drunk people invading our space! We should have let the mens just enjoy that one and we could have gone to have a nice dinner/dessert! It was an adventure though! These babies have been to some concerts in the womb I tell ya! Home stretch!!!!

Brittany Ann said...

Oh my! Rough night! Sorry hun! Wife points for going though!

grizaham said...
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grizaham said...

Pearl Jam is the best ever..
Don't worry babe, next time we will be sitting up close and you will be FEELING much better with little Fennie at home with Belv! hehe

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

I would have LOVED to go to a Pearl Jam concert. I'm sorry it sucked :( Hopefully you can go to one again.

Cabin Fever in Vermont

Nishant said...

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