Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hotel Indigo: My New Favorite Hotel!

We stayed at a fabulous Boutique hotel this weekend thanks to The Holders and their tons of hotel points!
Apparently Hotel Indigo is a unique chain and there is even one here in Nashville!
Below are some pics of the neat decor, hotel restaurant and such.

A few things that make it extra special:
- Free WIFI
- Each hotel has a hotel DOG. Isn't that cute! It runs around in the lobby and greets all the hotel guests dogs. You read that right! It is a Dog friendly hotel!
- Aveda toiletries
- Super comfy beds

Pictures from Hotel Indigo in Indianapolis:


The Skippers said...

That hotel is so you! Love it!

grizaham said...

That hotel was VERY cool..
I will definately stay at an Indigo again! What about tomorrow night babe????

Julie Bray said...

I love Hotel Indigo! We stayed at one in Atlanta a few years ago for a fun, romantic evening and Nutcracker. The one in Atlanta is right across the street from The Fox Theater. For my 30th birthday, Bryan surprised me with another visit to the hotel and the Nutcracker! Cool place to stay! I also loved the dog! The beds are super comfy. The bathrooms in the Atlanta Hotel Indigo are tiny, but nice.

Mod Podge Amy said...

I stayed in one in New Orleans - LOVED IT!

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