Thursday, May 27, 2010

Getting Ready for Memorial Day !

I love hosting a good porch party for any holiday, but especially patriotic ones. I have a big 4th party every year. This year we have no memorial weekend plans, but we will be hosting a fun cook out on Monday after a day at the Holder's pool. Below are some fun decor and food ideas. I would love to hear if any of you have a fun recipe or decoration to share!

These glass outdoor oil burners are awesome for citronella oil. Much cheaper than constantly buying citronella candles, wont melt in the sun, and effective! Pier One $6

Old Time Pottery has some excellent items for cheap. Vinyl Table Clothes $1.49 each, lots of cute dishes both paper and plastic! Click here to see their sale circular. They have awesome outdoor furniture prices too!
What about some awesome & festive recipes? Click here for the Jello Parfait recipe
Click here for the Patriotic Strawberry Shortcake Recipe. I usually make one of these every 4th.
One of these days, I am gonna break down and buy a beautiful drink dispenser like these. 2 reasons I have not done so yet, is because of price, and because I wanna make SURE that whichever one I purchase will.not.leak. from the spout. Do any of you own one that you love that does not leak? I would love some feedback! The reviews online made me laugh b.c it said everyone always wants to borrow their drink dispenser for baby showers and wedding parties etc.
These are from Pottery Barn. I know BBB has an acrylic one with an ice shoot in the middle which is really nice.


jenn said...

I have one of the drink things that I got from home goods. It hasn't leaked so far, but it didn't come with a stand... I had to get creative! You MUST have a stand to raise it off the counter. Oh, and I just saw a super cute one from Pier 1 the other day!
Happy hunting!

Courtney said...

Not really for a Memorial Day party, but Walgreens has a lot of summer stuff on sale this week, including beach towels 3/$10. Just fyi! :)

Julie Bray said...

I don;t personally have one of the drink dispensers, but I have seen the one to the far left used at a party and it did not leak at all. I'd like one too! I loved how it looked and decided I want one now too!

grizaham said...

Hooray for the red, white and blue

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