Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cool People Care!

In support of the Nashville Flood Victims, Cool People are selling these groovy t-shirts for $20! Locals can pick theirs up at either location of The Nashville Clothing Company starting Thursday the 13th ( also known as the start of my 3rd trimester) lol. Support the cause, and our lovely city!

Other things to Ponder.....:

Have you seen much about this on TV? Probably not. Wonder why that is?

Perez mentioned it on his site today, in a blurb about Kenny Chesney getting flooded. Guess he is the only one that matters to the mainstream media?

and where is the Big O? As in Oprah Winfrey who is FROM EAST NASHVILLE?

Lucky for Nashville, we are all pulling together and helping ourselves, instead of waiting around on support from media and government. It is pretty amazing all the things that have gone on just out of neighborly love & human kindness! READ THIS great article on that!


jenn said...

I believe Oprah is the devil. I am scared of her.
That is all I have to say about that. ;)

grizaham said...

That shirt rules! Bubs, get me one!

Perez is so last year.

Oprah is a terrible human being. I'm glad she doesn't associate with Nashville.

melissa said...

Maybe I'm a bit more tuned in because I have friends in Nashville, but I feel like I've seen lots of media coverage about the flooding on tv and online news. Hopefully Nashville is getting the help & support they need. I'm glad the Red Cross text donation was set up - I think that's such a great idea. Couldn't be easier to donate. Wishing the best for you & everyone in Nashville.

The Skippers said...

Totally agree. Haven't heard as much as you would think about the flooding. That is crazy. It isn't really on the news down here. Eric cracked me up about Oprah.

Susannah said...

Amen! Right on-go get this shirt and help out! Yay Laura! And I agree with Jenn-Oprah is freaky and I do not care for her.

Sam Davidson said...

Thanks for sending folks our way. We appreciate it.

ml said...

I used to care for Oprah, but over the past few years, not so much. And I also agree that there has not been nearly enough media coverage about this.

Nishant said...

That shirt rules!
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