Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend In Review : LOTS of Checks off the List

This was one heckle of a busy weekend! Below are just a few of the many accomplishments and activities!
I managed to finish off yet another pack or oreos! ( Nonie, I know what you are thinking but I ate well on all my regular meals)
Like here when we had some Vegetarian breakfast Tacos from Mas Tacos truck with Avocado & Quinoa.
A Vinyl sale from Groove Records:
The Nashville Herb Society Sale:
Erik and Bug finally fixed Fenn's armoir by adding 2 dowel rods so I could double the hanging space. Great job fellas. Uncle Bug has helped with every piece of nursery furniture and can account for about half of weight gain with all the sweets he bakes me.
I went to Bates Nursery with my Groupon and got lots of fun plants ( Hosta, Lantana, Creeping Phlox, 2 Hydrangeas, and some veggies). If you live in Nashville, and have not been here yet, you MUST go. This place is incredible! Afterwards we planted our 2010 Griza Garden.
Then I organized TONS of baby clothes and washed, hung, & organized Fenn's newborn items.
Planted the Hydrangeas
Put straw out in my flower beds, and weeded them. This about killed me. Reaching around a big belly and squatting are not easy like they used to be!
Then some MAJOR organizing in our basement. This is what it looked like before. In case it isn't obvious, this basement is not a place you wanna hang out. It's real creepy and old school.
But I organized, stacked, labeled and color coded all of my bins. Sometimes hoarding can be useful. :) I LUV boxes, all kinds of boxes and this is why. They are useful and look nice, and if you ever move, this cuts your packing down considerably! It also keeps all your closets and cabinets looking nice by not over crowding them. ( and it keeps the creepy basement funk away)

Erik did yard work at the Brentwood house all day Saturday, while I recovered from Fridays hard work. We missed Earth Day in the park but I hear it was fabulous!
What did you all do this weekend?


grizaham said...

Wow.. That was a busy weekend! Everything looks A OK!

Cory Holder said...

The shot of the Oreos cracked me up! I have never seen your bin collection, holy goodness...that is a lot of stuff!

Meliha said...

Seeing your storage bins got me motivated to do mine. My garage is looking so much better now...but still more to do. :(


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