Friday, April 30, 2010

Iphone App Review : My Registry

My registry is a site much like where you can make online wish lists or gift lists accessing inventory from anywhere all over the web. My registry has come out with an Iphone app that allows you to scan barcodes while out shopping to add items to your wish list. The only downside is they are charging $1.99 for the app. Apps like that should be free ( Imo)

Does anyone have this app that can speak on how well it works?


Cas said...

I don't have it, but it sure would be nice since Melissa and I are registering for things right now! Save us from having to deal with "people". And yes, this app should be free so I could go download it right now.

Renee said...

I don't think 1.99 is such a big deal considering this is not some flimsy app for a simple purpose. I purchased this app on Friday and it's great. Apparently, I can scan items with it AND send e-cards, cost compare, and manage my registry. It's pretty awesome and don't really mind that it's not free because zapping products left and right is well worth it (not to mention fun)! :)

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