Tuesday, April 6, 2010

iPad : A Close Up Look

So I have had a couple of days now to obsess over play with my ipad and I have to say I am loving it. It's a hard thing to explain in the way of necessity, because it is not a necessity. Several people keep asking me about why they need it, on twitter , facebook etc and that is hard to answer but the same for the ipod or the kindle. You don't ever really need any gadget but BOY are they fun!
I had trouble sleeping last night. Slept from about midnight till 5am and before and after that brief sleep, I was on the ipad. It is small enough that it is easy to pull into bed and entertain yourself with because you can hold it easier than a laptop. I love the 1.5 lbs of it. LOVE. Some other things that I love about it, that caught me off guard are:

Who knew that some magazines would go all e-book with interactive bits and what not. I am a total magazine hoarder ( currently subscribing to: Southern Living, Macworld, People Stylewatch, Handyman, Real Simple, This Old House etc). Magazines are one of the heaviest things in my bag when I travel and junk up my coffee table like no other so I will be happy to make that transition. I hope all magazines get on board. The app for this is Free, but subscription prices vary. ( see "Zinio" in the app store.)

Streaming App
: If you have a netflix account you can stream video straight to you ipad. They made a special app just for the ipad and it is flawless. Works much faster than I had imagined. Don't know how well it would work over 3G though. ( Free in App Store)

Kindle App:
The Kindle app for ipad is awesome, AND free, and syncs with your iphone version. Apple has its own book store, which is really cool, but it is nice to have the option between the two. I also like that I am able to have all the books I purchased for Kindle on my Ipad as well.

Some things I would like to see, or wish it had :
ability to sync the iphone with ipad. That would be a nice feature. However the more i use the ipad, the less I see it as an extension of my computer and the more it feels like its own deal so maybe that was why they left this off. I don't have all the same apps on both the phone and ipad, because I use them for different things.

- a camera. I think I would use a camera on here a good bit. That would have been cool!
- A less reflective screen. I think glare will be an issue for this when in bright sunlight like riding in the car or lying by the pool, so i am sure we will see many a case or screen protector to fight glare. Kindle kept everything black and white for this reason

Accessories: Apple Book Cover : although overpriced at $39 it is a sweet little case with lots of functionality. It folds up several ways to make the ipad stand alone if you are watching tv, or slope for easy typing, and provides great protection to the front and back while staying slender and sleek. If only it came in neon instead of boring black......

App Recommendations:

My Lists

Google Reader
ebay for Ipad


Shazam for ipad
ABC ( awesome for streaming TV shows)


grizaham said...

I must say that i am VERY impressed.. Apple is amazing. Cannot wait to see whats next!
Thanks APPLE!

Cory Holder said...

After seeing it in action I can totally see the use in it...I don't want to make my computer or iphone jealous, but I might have to add to the apple family in my house. :)

melissa said...

Sounds like you have both a Kindle and an iPad. As somone who has neither, do you think you need an eReader if you have an iPad, or do you still need the eReader? (I hope that question made sense. I'm completely tech-simple.) Thanks!

Meliha said...

Doubt I'm getting one (maybe hubby will?), but it's nice to see your review and opinions about it. It seems like buyers are mixed (some like it, some don't), and I heard some people are having issues with WiFi.


Brandy said...

I'm so glad you got an ipad. Because i preordred a 3g one but it won't be here until the end of april. So I can find out all the cool stuff from you

Wes said...

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