Monday, April 5, 2010

I HEART all things NEON!!

The mall has SO many fun neon things right now, all of which I want ... NEED , but alas nothing maternity comes in neon. Victoria's Secret PINK line has tons of cute lounge clothes, t-shirts and tanks all in beautiful neon, and I ordered a NEON orange BIKINI from there for this summer which should be very interesting!
In the meantime, Nine West has catered to the pregnant hipster ladies of American by partnering with New Balance and making some hip new neon sneaks. The Easter Bunny brought me these:
Which look a lot brighter in person ( click here for other style/color combos). I really appreciate not having to tie laces now! That was getting pretty challenging.


Courtney said...

Dang I like those shoes! Must investigate.

Susannah said...

Oh my goodness, dare I say that I cannot WAIT to see you in the glorious bikini-I shall expect a photo from inside your closet ASAP upon arrival! :D

jenn said...

so cute! I'm jelaous!

Sheila said...

Are you kidding? That flipping Easter Bunny didn't bring me a darn thing! UGH!!!
ADORABLE shoes though...I LOVE THEM!

grizaham said...

neat shoes.

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