Thursday, April 1, 2010

Grocery Challenge Week

I've been pretty pitiful with the cooking and shopping these past few weeks and am trying to remedy that now. This week I got an A+ in Saving money and a C on healthy choices. I spent $95 and got all this stuff below at Publix. Some of it I know is processed gunk, but I will be honest and tell you that is my tailgating and party making foods! No one wants to eat healthy food at tailgate or party so I make those items regular style with things like that Mayo you see below! :) The Brownie mix, which is BOGO right now , is like a pregnant girls best friend and those are totally for me.

One particular reason to RACE to Publix this week is that 2/$4 gigantor bags of Kale. The bubs wants to eat Kale salad EVERY day. It is very very very good for you! The way we prepare it is from Ed : chopped up, with lemon juice and salt rubbed into the leaves. You can google many other Kale recipes online like Kale Chips, but I am not sure if they are as healthy as the uncooked versions?
Does anyone else have good kale Recipes? If so please leave in the comments section. Erik can totally eat the same food over and over and never get tired of it, but that is not the case for me! I like to switch things up a bit!


Anonymous said...

I've never had kale, what does it taste like? Is it better for you than romaine or green leaf lettuce (what I ususally buy)?

I'm going to take pictures of what I buy tomorrow, srsly, I could never get all that for 95, I'm convinced!

Courtney said...

Ok, I need to try Kale. Been seeing recipes everywhere. I'm sure T will balk, but I can at least eat it.

Good job on the $95! We spend too much on groceries, but T is an eating machine, so not much I can do!

Julie Bray said...

I too must try some Kale now! You just rub some lemon and salt on it? Eat it raw or cooked?

grizaham said...

that kale is sooo good. i crave it.

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