Saturday, April 10, 2010

Griza Garden & Lawn : April

Starting Birthday Month with a nice Celebration Garden Flag!

Several months ago me madre ordered a box of Tulip bulbs sent to us and Erik went right to work planting them. We have never seen them bloom before this week! By tomorrow they should all be in full bloom. I have never seen such precision in the planting! He also separated all those gorgeous Stargazer Lillies and replanted the bulbs more spread out. They are starting to come up and are about 4 inches tall. You can see what they looked like last year HERE
Other bed needs some work and mulch! Yikes! Not sure when they tree is gonna come back to life. I had landscaping in the 2010 budget before Fenners surprised me. Obviously landscaping is on the back burner now.
Garden left overs from the late fall /winter :
Garlic, Kale and Cabbage. I should not have let it flower but I was not paying attention! I need to get out there and plant some things STAT. This year I plan to have Okra, Tomatoes, Herbs, Kale, Onions and Watermelon!
Backyard Grass progress! This was all basically dirt when we bought this house, looked like a bunch of dog runners were back there at one point. Click here to see BEFORE pic We put out grass seed and now it looks like this:
Christmas Tree anyone? Erik just stored it back here by the shed.


Susannah said...

Yo, it looks super nice! Keep up the great landscaping Erikface!

Courtney said...

it looks lovely! great job, grizas!

Caro said...

Lookin good honey!!

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