Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bloggy Award : I Love Your Blog

I have been giving 2 bloggy awards, one from Edwards Edition and one from Macon a Mess. I will attempt to follow the rules, however I am terrible with blog tags ( sorry ladies) xoxo

10 things that make me happy:

1. The Bubbies

2. Ralphers and Flossers

3. Shopping

4. Projects

5. Magazines

6. Snocones

7. sushi

8. Mexico/The Beach

9. Our House

10. Trips & Concerts

This award goes to:

Meredith @ The Only Journey is the One within

Mallory @ The Congelton Family

Cas @ Cas's Crazy Thoughts

Andrea @ My Chihuahua Bites

@ Magnolias, Marriage & Manhattan

Natosha @ A Day In the Life

PS. I know all this linkage is a lot of work so I wont get my feelings hurt if my taggers dont want to participate


grizaham said...

You do have a pretty cool blog!

Cas said...

Alright, I did part of this. I don't know 12 bloggers so I didn't complete that part of the task.

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