Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blog Roll: What's In Your Bag?

Brittany over at A Day In The Life joined a blog tag of what's in your bag. I think those are super fun. You can read hers HERE. Below is mine. I roll with a BIG bag/ little bag philosophy. The Big bag part drives my Nonnie nuts. She says it is TOO heavy for me to carry around. I say that it is a good bicep work out and prep work for toting around a baby! ha So here is my Big Black bag. I LOVE nylon bags for some reason. Due to being pregnant and deathly afraid of getting sick, the antibacterial stays on the strap like that for easy access. (You can purchase those at Bath & Body Works or Office Depot)
Inside the Big Bag:

The Smaller bag which actually holds my wallet, iphone, chapstick and earbuds. If I just need to run in somewhere I only take the little bag. Saves me from swapping back and forth between purses.
Digi camera ( you never know)
Fenn's Ultrasound pics
Moleskin for certain notes, generally house info like room measurements or paint colors
That flowery pouch is an awesome LeSport sac thingy that I use to organize multiple gadget cords and chargers ( 2 iphone USB cords, a double wall charger and a double car charger, flash drive, 2 AAA batteries for headphones) It is essential to travel with 2 of everything since husbands don't generally tote around accessories.
3 Reusable bags for errands
That orange envelope is all my coupons
Tums & Lip gloss
Tape Measure
Car Keys
Insoles ( need some support these days)
***** IPAD******


So Ladies, What is in YOUR bag? Especially interested in seeing MOM bags. ha ... I have all my life loved handbags. Does having a baby mean the end of that love affair? Ya'll let me know! Leave a link to your post in the comments please!


Susannah said...

Yo-I personally still roll with the same ole Coach and will keep up my expensive purse habits. No sense being a strug just cuz your a mommma. :D

Samantha said...

You have a good bag going! And yes, totally with you on the two of everything in the tech department.

Anonymous said...

Damn, you're so organized. I'm jealous. I need to get some organization skills up in my bags, because I surely do not have one. Right now I carry an LL Bean boat n' tote because I use binders more days than not.

Where's your bag from? I love big black bags!

Mississippi Candice said...

Ok, so I need the coupon envelope thingie, where do I purchase? I ALWAYS have my camera in my purse too!! ALWAYS!!!

grizaham said...

The inside of purses frighten me.. I don't like them. ;-)

Julie Bray said...

I have a bunch of junk and NO money in mine....

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