Thursday, April 8, 2010

Apple Event : New Iphone OS Announced

In case you missed the Apple Event today below is a short list of details for you. If you are thinking of upgrading to a new phone , you should totally wait till June when the NEW iphone will be rolled out. Keep in mind , that no one at Apple or AT&T is gonna tell you a new phone is coming, even if you ask. It is all rumored but, if you know me, I would think you could trust me on this one!
The new software for iphone was announced today and will be released in June as well.
  • 450,000 Ipads sold so far. Many places are sold out
  • 1 million apps downloaded to ipad in first 24 hours
  • 3,500 ipad Apps available ( to date)
  • 600K ibooks sold so far
  • Iphone has won JD Powers award the last 3 years and holds 64% of mobile browser usage share.
  • Over 100 new user features: can create playlists, 5x zoom in camera app, can tap to focus in video, change homescreen wallpaper, multitask, Audio streaming and running in the background (like pandora), Voice over IP ( skype),Location services ( GPS), new form of push notifications that will save battery life by not using a server,fast app switching, task completion,
  • folders for apps!
  • Updates to mail app, unified inbox ( HOORAY), threaded discussions, support for multiple exchange accounts,
  • ibooks for iphone ( which will sync between devices like the kindle offered)
  • Game Center: Social networking in games , You can invite friends, do automatic matchmaking, leaderboards, achievements
  • iad : special advertising within apps to keep the cost of apps low or free.

So this will all be available to Iphone 3Gs owners this summer, and SOME stuff will work on the 3G iphones, but not all. Ipad will get the OS 4 this fall.
Fantastic news right? Read more on Apple's site HERE


Susannah said...

Yay! LUcky for me that I am getting an iPhone FINALLY in June!

Cas said...

I'm running the first gen iPhone. :(

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