Thursday, April 29, 2010

31 Years Ago in HIstory...

Sorry for the bloggy break internets. To be quite honest I finally just surrendered to the hormones. Feeling much like a 13 yr old lately and after fighting for a week, I finally just surrendered and went into hiding. Good news though, feeling better this week and enjoying a nice Baby Moon in Orange Beach!
Before coming to the beach my mom got out lots of old pics and feast your eyes on this below ( what I will now refer to as my "Jabba the Hut years") REALLY unfortunate looking....

I did get a little cuter though when i learned to turn loose of the bottle... ( sweet couch huh)
and not one thing has changed from this pic. I still am NOT a morning person, but enjoy coffee and jelly toast in the morning... and still get the jelly all over my face which drives Erik nuts.
and a day of my dad babysitting resulted in this: We were pretending to have the chicken pox.
I got lots of great old skool pics for my photo wall of my dad's side of the family which I will be framing and showing later!
I have also been SPOILED for my birthday! My parents gave us a trip to the beach, and some $, my bubs gave me the ipad and some tix for Erykah Badu. ( I heart her) He also woke me up with a rose at 7am today which was very sweet and very BRAVE! Good sleep is hard to come by these days! My mom made us some snacks and chicken salad for the beach and My Aunt baked us a ton of delicious sweets and birthday pound cake for the beach and my cousins gave me a Turvis Tumbler with a peace sign in it. I LOVE turvis tumblers! We had a girls night celebration last night at stixx. CB made me a gift bag full of beach stuff, and Matteo and Scotteo gave me an itunes gift card!
Then today I woke up to like 2 bajillion emails texts and such from all of you my sweet friends and family telling me happy Birthday and I really appreciate it! SO sweet! Thank you very much!
Hope everyone is having a good day, and got some good laughs from Jabba the Hut!


brown eyed girl said...

OMG happy birthday, pretty lady! Sounds like you hit the holy motherload jackpot of birthday gifts!

Baby pictures are always hilar, I should do some of mine...deffo not flattering at times!

Sheila said...

Jabba the Hut is great....but I'm TOTALLY digging the chicken pox! LOL!
Happy brithday

melissa said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like all the wonderful people in your life are treating you well today - as they should! Enjoy!

Jessica said...

Happy birthday, Mama Griza! Hope you have a great time relaxing at the beach!

AndreaLeigh said...

happy birthday!

oh that picture is hilarious! i love it! hahaha!

Mississippi Candice said...

OMG!! The first pics SCARED ME!! But the rest are super cute!!! I was an ugly duckling (so much so my mom wouldn't take me in public). HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! #0 was my best year by far!!!!

Susannah said...

Oh.em.gee.laura-those pictures are HA!LARIOUS! Love it! Glad you got lots of loot! Happy bday hook!

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