Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Iphone App Review: Four Square

Meet our new favorite Iphone App. Four Square. I don't know why it is named that, but it is kind of like social networking meets loopt meets yelp. You create an account and check in when you are in a new location and you can see people who are there, and tips or comments from patrons etc. Like yesterday when we ate at Taco Mamacitas, we checked out 4 square and saw LOTS of feedback from a ton of other iphoners and they talked about which foods were best.

Below you can see my friend list and where they are now. Lizzard you do a lot of Hot Yoga!
Here is a screen shot of the restaurant down the street from my house, showing patrons comments. I think all of that is rather useful information. Always good to know if you are gonna go on busy or under staffed night or if there is a long wait etc.
If you are already on Four Square add us!
I'm pretty sure I will be using this rather than loopt so family make sure you download!


grizaham said...

If you can beat my former fav app Loopt then u must b good.
Great job!
Get it!

Cas said...

I had to remove and reinstall words with friends because it kept shutting down as soon as I would launch it. When I logged back in all my games were gone. So I know it's my turn on some games, but I can't get back to them. Sorry! Have either of you guys had this issue? If you want to start a new game with me, wordsofcas.

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