Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Iphone App Review : BillTracker

I heard about this app on the Today In Iphone Podcast ( if you are an iphoner and don't listen you really are missing out). BillTracker has become one of my fav new apps!
You basically enter all of your bills in there, even ones that quarterly or annual like car tag renewals. It tells you when they are due so you can see your week or month at a glance. It also has a page where you can enter in payments with check # or confirmation number if you pay online.

Calendar View. Green = Already paid and Red = DUE
List View:

It is really a great way to stay organized! Bill Tracker 99Cents in the App store and worth every penny!


Anonymous said...

Damn, Gina, are you sure you're not on Apple's payroll?

It's still a gazillion kazillion years away from when we're getting new phones, tear.

grizaham said...

bills must be paid.. ;-)

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