Saturday, March 6, 2010

Consignment Sales & Baby Clothes

Yesterday I went to another huge kids consignment sale with Jennifer Graham and it was SO.MUCH.FUN. Partly b.c I could finally purchase things now that I know for sure it is a boy, and also because they had some really nice stuff! Below are some Kissy Kissy things I got that are brand new for $7-$10. I got tons of little clothes and came right home and washed them up and then tagged them.

I have learned there is a great lender code amongst mommas and babies. You lend out your maternity clothes and baby clothes and gear etc. In preparation for that lending, I ordered these clothing tags from Mabel's Labels. They are tiny and go on the backside of the tags in clothes so you can mark your items for easy return ( they also come off easily if you want to sell). My mother generously loaned out all of my baby clothes that she SMOCKED to a woman, who instead of returning them SOLD them. What a jerk!
The thing about baby clothes, and baby stuff in general that I am learning is, it is all very printed and very busy. Finding plain stuff is not easy and definately not cheap. The one time in my life I am drawn to plain things, and they are outrageous! ha figures. So far the only plain clothes I can find are Ralph Lauren ( who I love , and Ralphie was named after), Kissy Kissy, & Restoration Hardware. Other suggestions mommas?

On another note:

Any of you that are fans of sites like One Kings Lane might enjoy these similar sites for Kids Stuff




Lindsey said...

I am with you about wanting some PLAIN stuff. I went yesterday to TJ Maxx (since I am having to start all over with blue stuff---we have no gender neutral stuff, only lots of PINK from the 2 girls). I found several Ralph Lauren baby boy things for cheap! I also love, love, love the blankets at Belk. They are not the small size like the majority of all newborn blankets. They also have cute, cute, cute colors (think: lots of blue, royal blue, and orange---stripes, polka dots, and plaid). I bought 2 blankets yesterday for $2.98 a piece. I plan on having them monogrammed. They are fleece and so, so, so warm. I used these when I had Harper Jane (of course in pink). I have used this one website for a few years and have been happy with the clothes for the girls.

They have plain John-Johns, sleepers, t-shirts, gingham shorts, etc. You do have to have a tax ID, but I'm sure you know someone that has one. I don't have a current price list but my sister is working on getting me one.

Sorry I just wrote a book for a comment, but I have been meaning to email these to you. I was a little disappointed in the clothing choices for boys b/c the majority of the clothes is really BUSY and I like plain. Let me know if you find any good deals:)

grizaham said...

babies should wear rags and leaves and stuff.. our generation is insane, which in turn is going to make the next generation poor.


The Skippers said...

Love the tags! I wish I had known about those.I just loaned all of Lucy's clothes out!!! I agree, plain is hard. Love the name, by the way.

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