Sunday, March 21, 2010

BUMC Kid's Consignment Sale

Belated post! A few weeks ago sweet Mel ( Mrs. Wiggs) scored an Early shopper pass for me AND for CB and we went to check out what BUMC had to offer for their Kids Consignment sale. These ladies DO not joke around ! See that line.. and all those laundry baskets?

That is why I felt pretty cool rolling in this bad boy:
That is my Flea Market cart my dad gave me. Wheels are a great advantage and they all kind of scowled at it! Below are some shots of the sale:

and then a week later, Mel goes and has her baby! Brayden Wiggs Thompson. Isn't he so cute!
I went to a few more sales as well. Jennifer Graham got me an early shopper pass to the BIGGEST sale I have ever seen In.My.LIFE! It was over 32,000 sq ft of baby stuff. Insano! Unfortch all that square footage comes with an equally gargantuan line!
My scores from BUMC were one of my Fav Kissy Kissy Outfits, a bumbo, and twilight turtle.


Cory Holder said...

Consignment sales rule!! Also, remind me not to wear that top anymore. Ha! :)

grizaham said...

That places looks miserable. ;-)

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