Monday, March 29, 2010

Bro & Shauna Get Married!

Bro ( Bubs brother Steven) and Shauna got married last night. We had a weekend full of wedding festivities and family!
Juliel and I in our bridesmaid dresses. Shauna had her makeup and hair girl come to the hotel and all the bridesmaids got airbrushes makeup which was super fun. I also had some pretend eyelashes that I loved! She did a great job. It looked better in person than in the pictures. My hair was not so cute :(
Erik's grandma, Aunt & Uncle
Steven's grooms cake was an IPHONE. How cool is that?
Erik , Uncle Louie and Little Bro a.k.a. Stevie
Erik looked so cute in his tux, and I looked like a hurricane threw me around! Ugh. I was kind of tired and that showed. crappers! I was counting on having some fabulous pictures with all that fun makeup!

Bride & Groom first dance!
and a really cool getaway car:


Josh and Beth said...

You look great!! I love having my makeup is so much fun! Looks like it was a beautiful wedding. Love the getaway car!!

jenn said...

I love that picture of You and Julie! I think it's super cute! Glad everything went well. Sad that I had to work... :(
Congrats Shauna & Steven!!

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous! I loved your hair - it's got a cute little curl to it, I love!

grizaham said...

Sweet wedding! Great cake!

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