Saturday, March 6, 2010

American Idol Season 9

Is anyone else just So disappointed in American Idol this year? I don't feel like it is near as good, or has near the talent of past seasons. Several others I have talked to felt this way also. It amazes me some of these people are even at this point in the competition. Loved seeing Danny Goake back on the show.
I think the ones that got booted this week were good choices. What do you all think , or has everyone departed from The AI train?


Mary Alice Mosley said...

Hey Laura!! I am not impressed at all with the American Idol contestants this year. Usually by now there a few that stand out but i don't just love anyone yet. I don't know what is happening. I am disappointed. And yes i think the ones that got booted off were a good choice. Oh, Congrats on the baby boy!!

grizaham said...

I've been missing AI. And surprisingly I am not "missing" it..
I just hope Ruben Wins.

Chad Grout said...

We're still on the train, but it's definitely an anemic season. Mullet Boy is my favorite so far though. I thought Janell was hot, but she got booted last week.

jenn said...

I'm watchin.... but I"m not impressed. Still like Mommasox and Big Mike the best.

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