Tuesday, March 2, 2010

American Idol Season 9: Week ?

American Idol: Guys Night

I thought my favorites continued to shine. Casey did well, I liked his guitar show off. Michael Lynch did fantastic.

The kid covering John Mayor was terrible. But the Mullet guy ( Alex Lambert) did a great job! I was very impressed! I also love how terrified he is but he is still up there! Great song choice too!

I love Garcia and am pulling for him, but I didn't like his song choice!

I was so glad Tim Urban did better this week. He did SO MUCH BETTER. I cant believe he didn't get kicked off last week!

I also like the guy who sang last.He is so cute and has a neat voice. He looked pretty nervous up there.

So I guess the best ones all night were Mullet Guy and the last guy! What did ya'll think? Who is your male favorite?


sippy said...

I've really enjoy reading your blog the last few months.

I just love the mullet guy Alex. I don't remember his last name but his voice is crazy good. He just needs to develop it, and get some stage presence. The hair is ridiculous but it seems part of the whole package with him. He's so cute to me, despite the hair.

Cas said...

I'm a Big Mike Guy myself. I don't think he'll win it though.

Anonymous said...

That is exactly how i felt about that night. Big Mike and Alex Lambert were my favorites. Alex is just plain adorible, and i really hope that all of his performances are even around as good as his last one. Mullet kid could have potential.

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