Tuesday, March 9, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Girls

Katie Stevens - Bless her heart. She needs to go home. Too young, too confused.

- Fleetwood Mac Rhianon. Boy was I scared of what she would do to this song cause I LOVE Fleetwood. I was actually impressed. It was a neat version and the only bad part was the chorus. I am SO.OVER.HER.CRYING though. If she cries again I will just start FF through her performances. People who try out for Idol should be emotionally equipped.

Siohban - The Animals -House of the Rising Sun. I love her, but this was just OK for me.

Katelyn - Carol King - blehk. I didn't like it. I thought that was a terrible song choice.

Lacey - Brandi Carlile. I have never heard of Brandi Carlile and after some itunes research realize that I love her. Must get some albums. So I liked the song and her but it was slightly boring.

Paige - Smile BORING. I bet she goes home.

Momma Sox - She was made for a stage. She picks great songs for her voice and performs well. Love her. She will be a top contender.

Lily Scott - Patsy Cline. What a weird song choice for her! Didn't love it but I do really like her. I can see her having a band like the TingTings!

Momma Sox was by far the best of the night! I think Paige and Katie are going home. What do you guys think? CB you have to weigh in now that you watch Idol! Tonya? Mary Alice?


Angie Lane said...

I agree with you! Katie just isn't made for something like this... she's more of an opera singer or something... poor thing...
Paige was horrible! Katelyn was weird... Lacey kinda sounded like a baby when she was singing to me? Siohban was again weird... and I LOVED Mamma Sox! Best by far! I was just kinda okay with Didi and Lily... We'll see how the guys do!

jenn said...

Still like MommaSox but I'm sticking with DiDi. She's my fav.... tears or not ;)

grizaham said...

Siobhan was the best tonight.. I could listen to her sing that song all night.

Cory Holder said...

It's pretty clear who is good and who is going home. I really think Paige has a good voice, but that was a TERRIBLE choice of song. Momma Sox always gets my vote. Lily Scott is talented...I like that she keeps you on her toes with songs, same with Siohban. Loved that Brandi Carlile, but Lacey is just eh, okay. I enjoy that these chicks are picking old school songs...maybe all the teeny boppers will get turned on to good music kind of like the Guitar Hero phenomenon.

Tonya and Starr said...

Siobhan & MommaSox are still my favs! I think MommaSox did better last night though. There's something about DiDi that I do like. I think she did better last night but still not that impressed. Katie took a huge step back in my opinion. She needs to find herself & go with it. She's trying too hard to be EXACTLY what she thinks the judges want her to be. Paige. Bless! She butchered Smile!!!

Mary Alice Mosley said...

I agree Momma Sox was great. I always enjoy watching her perform and her song choices are always great.I think she is the one to beat.
Even though I think Siohban is a little strange, i still think she has a good voice and will go pretty far.
Katie Stevens definitely needs to go home, not a great voice.
Lily Scott, did not like that song for her but i do like her and i think she will go far.
Paige I am sure will go home, not a good song for her, voice was not good last night and no personality.
Didi I like her, I love her voice. But she definitely has got to STOP CRYING...haha!

I am not too impressed with the girls. Can't wait to see what the guys do tonight!

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