Thursday, March 11, 2010

American Idol Season 9 : Boys Night

Lee Dewyze - I really like him, but didn't love the song choice! Dang! I want him to stay so I hope he makes better choices! ( MGE I felt like you just now saying that " Make good Choices" lol)

Mullet guy - was good, great song choice but I agreed with Kara about how he needed to get down in that song!

Tim _ i think he looks like a high school kid from South Alabama! I am still with Ellen on what she said last week. If he was on Glee that would be awesome, but Idol... I'm not convinced. he did better this week though! Jgraham I know you love him ha ...

Garcia I enjoyed. I just really like him, period. I like him doing acoustic fun songs, and I think he did it well. Kara was right about him fighting with the rhythm of the guitar a little. dang!

Casey - I do think he is very good, and very good lookin, but that song was boring to me.

Todrick - I LOVE that song so I was happy about it but I didn't think he was as awesome as the judges thought

BIG mike - WAS THE BEST. OMG. I love Maxwell. I love This woman's work. ( I really really love R&B) but that was just so fantastic. Delivery , vocals the whole shabam! Gave me chill bumps!

What did you guys think? Who did you vote for?


grizaham said...

The dudes are weak but Big Mike was good last night.

Cas said...

Big Mike all the way, he killed it. We voted for the first time last night because of Big Mike's song. I can't believe Kara was crying!

jenn said...

I can't believe that mullet went home. . . I was shocked.

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