Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yesterday & The John Mayor Concert!

Yesterday was an interesting day! I wake up at the crack of dawn every day for 2 reasons: I cant breathe ( allergy issues from pregnancy) and Boppie. She insists that I wake up with the sun, and if I deny her that she will pounce on my head and growl and pull at the covers for as long as it takes. She never even blinks an eye at Erik, but Momma MUST get up. So we go about our usual routine and when I walked out of our bedroom I was blasted in the face with an Arctic breeze, so cold in fact that i KNEW something was not right immediately. Turns out our back door was wide open all night ( it was in the 20's) so our whole house was FREEZING. What is really ironic about this is I called my mother to complain and whine and she said the SAME THING happened to her that night, and she woke up to an open back door and freezing house. craziness!
So we spent the very cold day finishing our master closet ( will post pics later) and then used our Groupon for RuSan's Sushi before the John Mayor concert. It was fabulous and packed out! Samantha, I totally got a Gone with The wind Roll!
Then on to the concert. Lots of fierce cougars and teeny boppers galore. What I had forgotten about pop concerts with Teeny Boppers is how LOUD they are ( and silly) whew. That wore me out. Michael Franti and the Spearheads opened and they were awesome. He really rocked out, and was a great entertainer. He left the stage a few times and was dancing through the crowd and what not, and below you can see him standing right next to us. He is much taller than I thought!
Then Mayor came on. He started at like 9:30 which is pretty late these days for this little momma! The first set I was bored to tears but the second one was really great. He played "Comfortable" which I think is the best song he has ever written, at least before Continuem. What was most interesting though, was his speech at the end of the show. He was apologizing for his terrible, awful, interview in Playboy Magazine. I had not heard of it before then ( because I swore off perez) and read it when I got home. After reading it I can see why his back up singers were crying when he apologized. He alienated his entire band in that interview. What an idiot. I know some of y'all love him, and that is cool, but I think he is an arrogant jerk, and I have never enjoyed his sense of humor or his obsession with media attention. Anyway that little speech did redeem him some in my eyes, but the whole episode made for a rather interesting concert! Click the link above to read his interview. You will be Blown Away!

** Now I must ask you Candace, Heather and coco bears, Do those faces he makes when playing not disturb you? He looked like Jim Carrey up there last night! **


grizaham said...

Good times last night.
Mayer is a talented cat with a college dude mentality. He pretty much says whatever he thinks and tries to put a funny spin on it.. He is like every dude i knew in college but he lives in the public eye which sucks because the public eye blows.
Anywho, i could care less about what people in bands or famous people think or do cause im in it for the Music..
It was funny to see how crazy girls get for that dude. Girl next to me said it was her 18th Mayer show which is nuts cause he plays the same set list every night... I wonder if she even needs the music or just likes to look at him... Wonder if shes ever been to a real music concert. Interesting....
And she left before the concert was over... Hmmm.
Next concert - Trey at the Ryman 2/25
Keep the music coming.

Brittany Ann said...

He does make some crazy faces singing! I thought that, too! And I agree...Michael Franti and the Spearheads were awesome! We really enjoyed them!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love John Mayer. He is such a brilliant, briliant man and an even more brilliant guitar player and singer. He, unfortunately, uses his intellect in ways that make him appear less than stellar.

I wish he would act like the man he can be, you know? I feel like his music is a glimpse into him and his head, but his public persona is that of a douchebag. And he has spoken on his blog about how he feels he is a douchebag and to me, it's like, he is trying to fulfill that asshole character he wants to portray instead of the sensitive, vulnerable person that appears to be inside of him that comes out in his music. I hope my long, run-on sentence made sense!

I love, love, love his music, and Comfortable is such a beautiful song. And I'm in grey sweatpants without makeup right now! He is the best thing to come out of Sweet Home Connecticut, second to me, of course! ANd if a musician makes odd scary faces while singing, that is a sign of a true musician! I've never seen anyone look beautiful and glamourous while belting their little heart out.

Melissa and Cas said...

I am dying to go to some concerts but the hubs to be doesn't want to go! I need a concert buddy! LOL I do like a lot of his music but I have noticed the faces and they always make his tweets about his ex girlfriends known on all of the radio shows and on E and some of them are probably not appreciated by the girls.

Courtney said...

ha yes his faces are a bit much! and i kinda feel the same way about him as i do about kanye and kings of leon-he may not be the most stellar person but his musical talents are amazing. i dont care about his private life even though he seems to flaunt it quite a bit. he can date whomever, say ridiculous stuff in interviews and act like a total douche, but i will still listen to his music and support him as an artist cuz as erikbears said "i'm in it for the music"!

cant wait to see you in a few hours!!

Cory Holder said...

I enjoy John Mayer, good dude...definitely has a strange sense of humor, but I am sure he is a humble dude. Those songs have to come from somewhere in his head/heart. I used to think he was a poor man's Dave Matthews, but his last two albums have been amazing. I don't think he is of his idols is Buddy Guy. He should just watch what he says in the future.

Cory Holder said...

I just say dude twice in my comment above...duuuuude. ;)

Julie said...

You guys and your doors really freak me out.

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