Friday, February 26, 2010

Trey Anastasio Band @ The Ryman

Last night Erik, CB, Justin and I went to see TAB at The Ryman. It was a great show, and Trey really looks great these days, ... Happy & healthy which is nice to see. It was probably one of the more interesting Ryman shows I have been to because of the crowd, who apparently are not aware of all the strict rules at the Ryman. I did see one Hippie trying to dance with an older lady usher and she Pretty funny.
I love horns with any band and he had a great horn section, and one chick who played trumpet and could SING... oh my lawd could she sing. Jennifer Hartswick is her name and she sang some crazy loud Led Zepplin last night. Del McCoury band also came out and played some bluegrass which was awesome.
We were there till almost midnight and woah Momma is TIRED!
Here is a Video ( from another show) so you can see the band.


NORTIE said...


grizaham said...

Love the Ryman.
Love the Trey.


Susannah said...

OMG, the baby is going to come out jamming and singing to "Farmhouse" or "Bath Tub Gin" old school Phish-haha!

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