Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Thrift Store Scores!

Yesterday the bubs and I cruised our local thrift shops, just for fun and I had some good luck! I spent about $8 total and got what you see below and one vintage sheet that is in the washer right now. It was a great flower power one from the 60's though!
That camp light below is especially neat! Runs on a huge 6V battery! Then some vintage tupperware and melmac in Harvest colors!
Vintage Tupperware is one of my favorite finds and you can read how to properly care for it and bring it back to life HERE.

My favorite thrift searches are Retro Sheets, Retro Kitchen, Mid Century peg leg furniture & the art section. Generally I am checking the art for frames. Below is a great example of a recent purchase. It is a numbered hatch print, that was custom framed. I bought it to replace that print with one of our hatch prints therefor recycling the frame and saving us tons of $$. I will put up an after shot of that soon. I did that before HERE and am really pleased with the results.
Anyone else find great steals over the weekend?


Melissa and Cas said...

We have been gone so much lately that I have not been to our local thrift stores recently! I can't imagine what little finds I have missed!

tiny e said...

I found some great steals for my education classes from my local antique and thrift stores! :)

Cathryn Sypert (Mandy) said...

I did!!! :)
I found some milk glass vases and planters at Goodwill. I paid .39-.99 for each. We then went to the Antique store and they were selling them for $20 and up! SCORE!! I also found a vintage tupperware cupcake container! YAY!

grizaham said...

More stuff for the HOARDERS room!

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