Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shopping For Gallery Frames...

I have spent the last several days scouring the earth for affordable gallery frames and below are my results so maybe I can save you all the leg work! I checked Pottery Barn, West Elm, Walgreens, JoAnne's, Target & Old Time Pottery. You will be surprised to learn the best looking and cheapest frames were at Wal-Greens... and I wasn't even looking there on purpose! They were made really well, looked like the pottery barn ones and were about $5.99 & $7.99. I found it much cheaper, and easier to buy the frames and mats separately. You can but the pre-cut mats for $1.49 & $1.99 At JoAnne's. It is more work, but saves a lot of money. If you are looking for the easiest solution , try Pottery Barn. Theirs look the best and are currently on sale for 20% off. They also carry the odd 4x4 size which is nice for really old pictures that are standard.

West Elm Frames below. I had a gift card here so I bought some, but was VERY disappointed in the quality. The Dollar Store probably makes better frames.

Old Time Pottery had hardly any selection and their prices were no good.
JoAnne's has a good selection, and they are currently 40% off there.
Target didn't have a great selection and their prices were neck and neck with PB & West Elm!
Typical Price Comparison Chart:
Gallery Frame for 5x7 Print (means you need an 8x10 frame or larger so you have room for the mat)

Pottery Barn $20-$25
West Elm $19
Target $19.99
Walgreens$7.99 + 1.99 matt = $10

Can you tell the difference? The Pottery Barn one is on the left and the Wal-Greens version on the right. The only difference is the size of the mat, which you can change.
Below is showing which frames came from where so you can see how they look next to each other. I already had most of these on hand and just added the mats.
Happy Framing!


Cathryn Sypert (Mandy) said...

Beautiful job Laura!!! I love how you bargain shop!
When I redid my frames last year, I painted mine black. Then instead of buying mats, I painted the hard cardboard piece that somes with the frames. Then I just placed my picture in the center of that. It was much cheaper for me that way. :)


Hallway makeover and photos look awesome!!! You are super-nester! :) Want to come see that baby bump soon.

Natasha said...

Now that I am buying decor, this post helped tremendously LG--thank you thank you thank you!!!
Can't wait to make a gallery of my own =)

grizaham said...

Frames make anything look better.. Good job.

Ashley said...

I love the frame detective work you did. I have never thought about looking at Walgreens for frames – I'll have to remember that. And it's so true about Target, their frames are expensive.

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