Thursday, February 25, 2010

Part of The New Project: Family Photos

Part of the new Hallway project involves old family photos! We finally got some of Erik's baby pictures and they are pretty fun. Look how CUTE he is. I love this "Harvest Festival" picture. Rakes make awesome accessories!

Here he is with Granpa!
I LOVE this picture. All his other pictures he makes an almost evil grin in.... he looked like a handful!
I hope our booboo gets his pretty mouth and eyelashes! I think we are 100% surely gonna have a blue eyed baby since we both have blue eyes!
He also has some great pictures I liked to call " The microsoft years" that I would love to show b.c he has a TERRIBLE baby picture of me on his phone that he torments me with frequently. The Microsoft years pics are my payback!


Courtney said...

ha those pics are too cute!!

Brittany Ann said...

Left you something on my blog:)

grizaham said...

I used to take such good pics.. Wonder what happened.. ;-)

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