Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Valentimes Recap

This is the Valentimes card I should have given Erik! I didn't know about it in time though! It does make me laugh out loud every time i read it !
We had a Fondue Dinner Party on Valentimes night with some friends and it was such a disaster you would have thought it was an act. Starting with the first course ( One bajllion dollars worth of European cheeses) totally burned b.c I didn't use the double pot ( newbie mistake) and then the pot cracked, and then the fire went out, then I exploded a bottle of fire gel trying to refill the fire pot, then a small fire.....
You get the Jist. Basically it was entertaining but not filling, and no food for this preg lady = the fierce madness.
What I can say I happened to have out, and was a hit, and was basically all anyone had for the first hour, was Sourdough bread from publix bakery, dipped in Olive oil with these flavored spices that come premixed ( also from publix). It is one bottle, with 4 dividers and 4 types of bread sprinkles over in the bakery area. Rosemary Garlic, Tuscany , and 2 others I cant remember. Absolutely fantastic. Immediately made me think of my neighbor Chad, who enjoys a loaf of french bread dipped in oil and spices every day!
So kibbers, from here on out, Fondue is at ya'lls house and I will start taking better notes! ha

Other than that, we had a lovely Valentimes double date with the Holders at The Acorn in Nashville! We both got coupons for a free entree so that was pretty rad!

Courtney Hindman was in town ( Thurs - Monday) so we had a great time visiting with her and my parents get here Thursday - Sunday of this week so that will be tons of fun too! Lots of shopping and baby prep!


grizaham said...

Thats a pretty cool card! ;-)
The Fondue was great but i think it'll be way better next time!

happy v day

Brittany Ann said...

I bought that same pre-mixed spice thing from Publix and my husband is a forever fan of it! I'm sorry the fondue didn't work out. If it makes you feel any better, I'd have done the same thing.

Andrea said...

I tried a sample of that Publix mixer stuff when I was in Jacksonville but didn't buy it then and I haven't been able to find it since! That stuff is so good!

Cory Holder said...

I had so much fun, sometimes you just have to laugh when everything goes wrong, it's like Meet the Parents, but a dinner. Fondue is a tricky little dish and you are a braver woman that I am to take it on! One night I'll bust out my creme brulee maker over here and that will be a sight! Never used wedding present...doh!

Melissa said...
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