Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Menu Monday: A little Late....

Monday: Not gonna lie, it snowed and we ordered Pizza! ha and it was delish!

Tuesday: BBQ Chicken, homemade mashed taters, asparagus and green salad

Wednesday : Mexican Beans and Rice

Thursday: Easy Jambalaya

Friday: Sheppard's Pie

I have realized that having food around and prepared all the time, leads to a lot of eating! Before we never had many options for food at home, and now we have a whole BUNCH of options and they are tasty and so I am eating more than I ever have. Oops...
But I will say it was so nice to actually have food around when we had coco in town. It probably shocked the socks off of her when she came in and saw dinner, in DISHES and not take out boxes! ha She even asked me for a recipe.. that is huge. Sister Juliel also ate something I made this week and I cant say that has ever happened before! So all of this must mean I am getting better in the kitchen! ( other than the Fondue Fizzle )


brown eyed girl said...

What's the mexican beans & rice recipe? Everything sounds good!!

Cory Holder said...

Dangit now I am craving BBQ Chicken!! :)

grizaham said...

Good eats.
But i think your parents should take us out to dinner all week! ;-)

ml said...

recipe links please!!

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