Monday, February 15, 2010

Iphone App Review: Words with Friends FREE

Our new family game obsession is Words with Friends. There is a paid version and a free version and you can have several games going at once playing different people. The Davis clan started the tradition of having your game name be something witty with WORD it in it, so my username is Martha SteWORD and Erik is Clark GrisWORD! If you download the game add us and play!
Oh yeah, it is basically a scrabble game. Nonnie too bad you refuse the iphone because you would be really good at this!


Cas said...

someone else told me about this game and is also addicted to it. I'm going to have to download this and see what the fuss is about.

Julie said...

OBSESSED. This is the best game ever!

grizaham said...

Its a pretty solid game.. Good job whoever made it..
If you want to play start a game with me - Clark Grisword is my name on the game.

Jessica said...

I play all the time. Dusty might get an iphone just for this game. Let's hope.

Lori C. said...

LOVE me some words with friends! I will be hitting you guys up for a game ASAP! If you get a request from llc24 - that's me!!! :0)

Lori Chandler

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