Thursday, February 18, 2010

Iphone App Review: Water

Water is an app that I have been using a lot for the past few weeks. It basically tracks and notes your water intake. I am having all sorts of issues that I cant take medicine for, such as sinus stuff, and who knew that all this time if I had only been drinking enough water I would not have needed medicine! Everyone would ask me if I drank enough water and I would always be like YES i drink a ton of water, well it turns out it felt like I drank a lot of water because I was sipping on the same glass all day. This thing figures out how much water I need and constantly tells me.

I measure mine in 8 oz glasses.
and then you have a graph with your water grade on it. Actually seeing it in writing makes you realize how much you need, and then once you start drinking the proper amount you feel so good you wanna keep it up.


Cas said...

Melissa just watched something on the importance of drinking water. I need to get on this water thing because I never really drink anything, I seem to never feel thirsty.

grizaham said...

Crystal clear cold water is deliciously refreshing.. If you actually follow your water intake you will realize you dont drink enough! Speaking of water, IM THRISTY!

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