Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Home Organizing Journal...

I am sure you guys have heard me talk too many times about my multiple journals, books and checklists, but I know a few of you who share my passion and for those I shall talk about it again!
I have been searching for about 5 years for a 81/2 x11 Leather 1" 3 ring binder that I could use for my checklists and business cards and Franklin Covey stuff and I have NEVER been able to find one, EVER, except one my neighbor has that I have coveted for about a year now. She told me she got it at Office Depot a few years ago , and low and behold , January is the month they carry them! I found one! Now, its not beautiful but it definitely does the trick.

$11 at Office Depot and if you want, for about $5 you can order a Monogram decal from Etsy to jazz it up! And in celebration of me finding the perfect, elusive binder I shall point you all to a few sites of fun printing forms.
Real Simple. They have a checklist for Everything! Organizing the closet to cleaning the bathroom.
Mom Agenda - For moms and stuff like that.

Tip Junkie

Now one of these blogs I happened upon has a chick who talks about all her lists and her home maintenance book, but I cant find it! Does anyone else read that blog? Help me out!


Melissa and Cas said...

Tip Junkie has some home lists on there???

Courtney said...

Hmmm...I may have to make a run to Office Depot! :)

Cas said...

I <3 list, they make me happy, especially when I can check things off the list.

Julie said...

I need a LIFE organizer. Please find me one of those.

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